Short Story Magic Tricks Index By Author


‘The Little Men’ by Megan Abbott

‘Civil Peace’ by Chinua Achebe

‘The Sacrificial Egg’ by Chinua Achebe

Alice Adams

‘Alaska’ by Alice Adams

‘Complicities’ by Alice Adams

‘Greyhound People’ by Alice Adams

‘Roses, Rhododendron’ by Alice Adams


‘Seeing Clear’ by Cara Blue Adams

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

‘Birdsong’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

‘The Headstrong Historian’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

‘That Thing Around Your Neck’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


‘The Warm Fuzzies’ by Chris Adrian

‘A Mother’s Tale’ by James Agee

‘The Bound Man’ by Ilse Aichinger

‘Le Miroir’ by Robert Aickman

Conrad Aiken

‘Impulse’ by Conrad Aiken

‘Silent Snow, Secret Snow’ by Conrad Aiken

‘Strange Moonlight’ by Conrad Aiken


‘Little Whale, Varnisher Of Reality’ by Vasily Aksenov

Daniel Alarcón

‘Collectors’ by Daniel Alarcón

‘Lima, Peru, July 28, 1979’ by Daniel Alarcón

‘The Provincials’ by Daniel Alarcón

‘Republica Y Grau’ by Daniel Alarcón


‘An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving’ by Louisa May Alcott

‘Marjorie Daw’ by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Sherman Alexie

‘Amusements’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Because My Father Always Said He Was The Only Indian Who Saw Jim Hendrix Play The Star-Spangled Banner At Woodstock’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Breaking And Entering’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Every Little Hurricane’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Family Portrait’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Flight Patterns’ by Sherman Alexie

‘The Fun House’ by Sherman Alexie

‘Indian Education’ by Sherman Alexie

‘The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Fight In Heaven’ by Sherman Alexie

‘The Only Traffic Signal On The Reservation Doesn’t Flash Red Anymore’ by Sherman Alexie

‘This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona’ by Sherman Alexie

‘The Toughest Indian In The World’ by Sherman Alexie

‘War Dances’ by Sherman Alexie

‘What You Pawn I Will Redeem’ by Sherman Alexie


‘Three Is A Lucky Number’ by Margery Allingham

‘The Intermediate Class’ by Sam Allingham

‘River Of Names’ by Dorothy Allison

‘Let Me Count The Times’ by Martin Amis

‘The Photograph’ by Enrique Amorim

Hans Christian Andersen

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Hans Christian Andersen

‘The Little Match Girl’ by Hans Christian Andersen

‘The Shirt-Collar’ by Hans Christian Andersen

‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier’ by Hans Christian Andersen

‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Hans Christian Andersen


‘Murder At Fork Junction’ by Alston Anderson

Sherwood Anderson

‘Brothers’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Death In The Woods’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Godliness’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Hands’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘I’m A Fool’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘A Man Of Ideas’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Mother’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Nobody Knows’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Paper Pills’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘The Philosopher’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘The Other Woman’ by Sherwood Anderson

‘Unlighted Lamps’ by Sherwood Anderson


‘The Christmas Turkey’ by Mário de Andrade

‘Thirst’ by Ivo Andric

‘The Legend Of ‘El Cadejo’’ by Miguel Angel Asturias

‘Steady Going Up’ by Maya Angelou

‘The Emerald Light In The Air’ by Donald Antrim

Max Apple

‘Bridging’ by Max Apple

‘Business Talk’ by Max Apple

‘Heart Attack’ by Max Apple

‘Yao’s Chick’ by Max Apple


‘The Switchman’ by Juan José Arreola

‘Jokester’ by Isaac Asimov

‘The Rookie’ by Eliot Asinof

‘The Striding Place’ by Gertrude Atherton


‘Hair Jewellery’ by Margaret Atwood

‘The Man From Mars’ by Margaret Atwood

‘Rape Fantasies’ by Margaret Atwood

‘Simmering’ by Margaret Atwood

‘Stone Mattress’ by Margaret Atwood

‘There Was Once’ by Margaret Atwood


‘Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story’ by Paul Auster

Isaac Babel

‘Afonka Bida’ by Isaac Babel

‘After The Battle’ by Isaac Babel

‘At Grandmother’s’ by Isaac Babel

‘The Continuation Of The Story Of A Horse’ by Isaac Babel

‘Dolgushov’s Death’ by Isaac Babel

‘Guy de Maupassant’ by Isaac Babel

‘Ivan And Ivan’ by Isaac Babel

‘My First Goose’ by Isaac Babel

‘Salt’ by Isaac Babel

‘The Story Of A Horse’ by Isaac Babel

‘The Story Of My Dovecote’ by Isaac Babel


‘Everything’ by Ingeborg Bachmann

‘Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie’ by Beryl Bainbridge

‘The Spring Hat’ by H.E. Bates

James Baldwin

‘Exodus’ by James Baldwin

‘Going To Meet The Man’ by James Baldwin

‘Sonny’s Blues’ by James Baldwin

‘This Morning, This Evening, So Soon’ by James Baldwin


‘A Passion In The Desert’ by Honoré de Balzac

‘The Unknown Masterpiece’ by Honoré de Balzac

Toni Cade BamBara

‘Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘Gorilla, My Love’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘Happy Birthday’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘The Lesson’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘Maggie Of The Green Bottles’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘My Man Bovanne’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘Sweet Town’ by Toni Cade Bambara

‘Talkin Bout Sonny’ by Toni Cade Bambara

Russell Banks

‘The Child Screams And Looks Back At You’ by Russell Banks

‘The Gully’ by Russell Banks

‘Lobster Night’ by Russell Banks


‘Summer Voices’ by John Banville

‘Where The Mountains Are’ by Bill Barich

‘G-String’ by Nicola Barker

Donald Barthelme

‘Chablis’ by Donald Barthelme

‘Concerning The Bodyguard’ by Donald Barthelme

‘Cortés And Montezuma’ by Donald Barthelme

‘Game’ by Donald Barthelme

‘I Bought A Little City’ by Donald Barthelme

‘The Indian Uprising’ by Donald Barthelme

‘The King Of Jazz’ by Donald Barthelme

‘Me And Miss Mandible’ by Donald Barthelme

‘The Rise Of Capitalism’ by Donald Barthelme

‘Robert Kennedy Saved From Drowning’ by Donald Barthelme

‘The School’ by Donald Barthelme


‘Anhedonia, Here I Come’ by Colin Barrett

‘Deer Season’ by Kevin Barry

‘Who’s-Dead McCarthy’ by Kevin Barry

‘The Canoeists’ by Rick Bass

‘Elk’ by Rick Bass

‘A Kidnapped Santa Claus’ by L. Frank Baum

Richard Bausch

‘All The Way In Flagstaff, Arizona’ by Richard Bausch

‘Aren’t You Happy For Me?’ by Richard Bausch

‘Consolation’ by Richard Bausch

‘Fatality’ by Richard Bausch

‘The Fireman’s Wife’ by Richard Bausch

‘The Man Who Knew Belle Starr’ by Richard Bausch

‘Nobody In Hollywood’ by Richard Bausch

‘Unjust’ by Richard Bausch

‘Wedlock’ by Richard Bausch

‘1-900’ by Richard Bausch


‘The Cliff’ by Charles Baxter

‘Through The Safety Net’ by Charles Baxter

Ann Beattie

‘Coney Island’ by Ann Beattie

‘Greenwich Time’ by Ann Beattie

‘Heaven On A Summer Night’ by Ann Beattie

‘High School’ by Ann Beattie

‘Horatio’s Trick’ by Ann Beattie

‘In The White Night’ by Ann Beattie

‘Jacklighting’ by Ann Beattie

‘Janus’ by Ann Beattie

‘Lofty’ by Ann Beattie

‘Snow’ by Ann Beattie

‘Weekend’ by Ann Beattie

‘Where You’ll Find Me’ by Ann Beattie

‘The Working Girl’ by Ann Beattie


‘A.V. Laider’ by Max Beerbohm

‘The Naked Lady’ by Madison Smartt Bell

‘A Different Kind Of Imperfection’ by Thomas Beller

‘A Father-To-Be’ by Saul Bellow

‘A Silver Dish’ by Saul Bellow

‘The Doctor And The Rabbi’ by Aimee Bender

‘Quiet Please’ by Aimee Bender

‘The Devil And Daniel Webster’ by Stephen Vincent Benét

‘Too Early Spring’ by Stephen Vincent Benét

‘The Genuine Tabard’ by E.C. Bentley

Wendell Berry

‘Are You All Right?’ by Wendell Berry

‘Dismemberment’ by Wendell Berry

‘Fly Away, Breath’ by Wendell Berry

‘A Half-Pint Of Old Darling’ by Wendell Berry

‘A Jonquil For Mary Penn’ by Wendell Berry

‘Making It Home’ by Wendell Berry

Ambrose Bierce

‘A Baby Tramp’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘A Baffled Ambuscade’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘The Boarded Window’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘Chickamauga’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘The Death Of Halpin Frayser’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘Four Days In Dixie’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘A Horseman In The Sky’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘Jupiter Doke, Brigadier General’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘Killed At Resaca’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘One Officer, One Man’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘One Summer Night’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘A Resumed Identity’ by Ambrose Bierce

‘A Vine On A House’ by Ambrose Bierce


‘Song On Royal Street’ by Richard Blessing

‘Condemned House’ by Lucille Boehm

Roberto Bolaño

‘Clara’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Days Of 1978’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Gómez Palacio’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Henri Simon Leprince’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Last Evenings On Earth’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Mauricio (‘The Eye’) Silva’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Phone Calls’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Sansini’ by Roberto Bolaño


‘What’s Your Problem?’ by Robert Boles

‘Action Will Be Taken’ by Heinrich Boll

‘A Summer Tragedy’ by Arna Bontemps

‘Talk To The Music’ by Arna Bontemps

‘Do Stay, Giraffe’ by Wolfgang Borchert

Camille Bordas

‘Most Die Young’ by Camille Bordas

‘Offside Constantly’ by Camille Bordas

‘Only Orange’ by Camille Bordas

‘The State Of Nature’ by Camille Bordas

Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Aleph’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Approach To Al-Mu’tasim’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘August 25, 1983’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Book Of Sand’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Circular Ruins’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘Death And The Compass’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Garden Of The Forking Paths’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Gospel According To Mark’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘Ibn-Hakam al-Bokhari, Murdered In His Labyrinth’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Library Of Babel’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Man On The Threshold’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘On Exactitude In Science’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Secret Miracle’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The South’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Two Kings And The Two Labyrinths’ by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Wait’ by Jorge Luis Borges


‘The Supper’ by Tadeusz Borowski

‘Encarnación Mendoza’s Christmas Eve’ by Juan Bosch

‘Cowardice’ by Abdeslam Boulaich


‘The Demon Lover’ by Elizabeth Bowen

‘Her Table Spread’ by Elizabeth Bowen

‘The Jungle’ by Elizabeth Bowen

‘The Mysterious Kor’ by Elizabeth Bowen


‘A Day In The Open’ by Jane Bowles

‘East Side: North Africa’ by Jane Bowles

Paul Bowles

‘A Distant Episode’ by Paul Bowles

‘The Frozen Fields’ by Paul Bowles

‘In The Red Room’ by Paul Bowles


‘Villa Marta’ by Clare Boylan

Kay Boyle

‘Ben’ by Kay Boyle

‘Men’ by Kay Boyle

‘Nothing Ever Breaks Except The Heart’ by Kay Boyle

T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘Are We Not Men?’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘Chicxulub’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘Greasy Lake’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘The Hector Quesadilla Story’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘The Hit Man’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘I Walk Between The Raindrops’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

‘Zapatos’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Ray Bradbury

‘All Summer In A Day’ by Ray Bradbury

‘-And The Moon Be Still As Bright’ by Ray Bradbury

‘And The Rock Cried Out’ by Ray Bradbury

‘Asleep In Armageddon’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Fight Of The Good Ship Clarissa’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Fire Balloons’ by Ray Bradbury

‘I See You Never’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Last Night Of The World’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Off Season’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Other Foot’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Pedestrian’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Sound Of Summer Running’ by Ray Bradbury

‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Veldt’ by Ray Bradbury

‘The Whole Town’s Sleeping’ by Ray Bradbury


‘Snakebite’ by Arthur Bradford

‘The Coin Of Dionysius’ by Ernest Bramah

‘Revenge Of The Lawn’ by Richard Brautigan

Maeve Brennan

‘An Attack Of Hunger’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Barrel Of Rumors’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Beginning Of A Long Story’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Carpet With The Big Pink Roses On It’ by Maeve Brennan

‘Christmas Eve’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Clever One’ by Maeve Brennan

‘Cold And Sunny’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Day We Got Our Own Back’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Devil In Us’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Drowned Man’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Eldest Child’ by Maeve Brennan

‘Family Walls’ by Maeve Brennan

‘A Free Choice’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Lie’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Morning After The Big Fire’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Old Man Of The Sea’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Poor Men And Women’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Shadow Of Kindness’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Sofa’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Springs Of Affection’ by Maeve Brennan

‘Stories Of Africa’ by Maeve Brennan

‘The Twelfth Wedding Anniversary’ by Maeve Brennan

‘A Young Girl Can Spoil Her Chances’ by Maeve Brennan


‘The State Of Grace’ by Harold Brodkey

‘A Story In Almost Classical Mode’ by Harold Brodkey

‘A Matter Of Time’ by Frank London Brown

‘And/Or’ by Sterling Brown

‘Christmas Day In The Morning’ by Pearl S. Buck

‘The Cold Outside’ by John Burnside

‘To The Wilderness I Wander’ by Frank Butler

‘The End Of The World’ by Dino Buzzati

‘Fish And Fences’ by Veeda Bybee


‘The Baby In The Icebox’ by James M. Cain

‘Kneel To The Rising Sun’ by Erskine Caldwell

‘Warm River’ by Erskine Caldwell

‘In Greenwich, There Are Many Gravelled Walks’ by Hortense Calisher

Morley Callaghan

‘A Cap For Steve’ by Morley Callaghan

‘The Faithful Wife’ by Morley Callaghan

‘A Wedding-Dress’ by Morley Callaghan


‘Love Far From Home’ by Italo Calvino

‘Memorial Day’ by Peter Cameron

truman Capote

‘A Christmas Memory’ by Truman Capote

‘Children On Their Birthdays’ by Truman Capote

‘Miriam’ by Truman Capote

‘My Side Of The Matter’ by Truman Capote


‘American Dreams’ by Peter Carey

‘The H Street Sledding Record’ by Ron Carlson

‘Reading The Paper’ by Ron Carlson

‘Close Enough’ by Nora Shalaway Carpenter

Angela Carter

‘Flesh And The Mirror’ by Angela Carter

‘The Kitchen Baby’ by Angela Carter

‘Wolf-Alice’ by Angela Carter


‘The Keyhole Eye’ by John Stewart Carter

Raymond Carver

‘After The Denim’ by Raymond Carver

‘Are These Actual Miles?’ by Raymond Carver

‘The Bath’ by Raymond Carver

‘Beginners’ by Raymond Carver

‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver

‘Chef’s House’ by Raymond Carver

‘Everything Stuck To Him’ by Raymond Carver

‘Feathers’ by Raymond Carver

‘Fever’ by Raymond Carver

‘Jerry And Molly And Sam’ by Raymond Carver

‘Popular Mechanics’ by Raymond Carver

‘Preservation’ by Raymond Carver

‘A Small, Good Thing’ by Raymond Carver

‘The Student’s Wife’ by Raymond Carver

‘The Train’ by Raymond Carver

‘Vitamins’ by Raymond Carver

‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Love’ by Raymond Carver

‘Where I’m Calling From’ by Raymond Carver

‘Why Don’t You Dance?’ by Raymond Carver


‘Cooking Lesson’ by Rosario Castellanos

Willa Cather

‘The Burglar’s Christmas’ by Willa Cather

‘A Death In The Desert’ by Willa Cather

‘Double Birthday’ by Willa Cather

‘The Enchanted Bluff’ by Willa Cather

‘The Garden Lodge’ by Willa Cather

‘A Golden Slipper’ by Willa Cather

‘The Namesake’ by Willa Cather

‘Nanette: An Aside’ by Willa Cather

‘On The Divide’ by Willa Cather

‘On The Gull’s Road’ by Willa Cather

‘Paul’s Case’ by Willa Cather

‘Peter’ by Willa Cather

‘The Profile’ by Willa Cather

‘The Sculptor’s Funeral’ by Willa Cather

‘The Sentimentality Of William Tavener’ by Willa Cather

‘A Wagner Matinée’ by Willa Cather

‘The Way Of The World’ by Willa Cather

Michael Chabon

‘Along The Frontage Road’ by Michael Chabon

‘Mrs. Box’ by Michael Chabon

‘Smoke’ by Michael Chabon

‘Son Of The Wolfman’ by Michael Chabon


‘A Small Sacrifice For An Enormous Happiness’ by Jai Chakrabarti

‘(I Thought My Father Looked Like FDR)’ by George Chambers

John Cheever

‘The Angel Of The Bridge’ by John Cheever

‘The Beautiful Mountains’ by John Cheever

‘Christmas Is A Sad Season For The Poor’ by John Cheever

‘The Enormous Radio’ by John Cheever

‘The Five-Forty-Eight’ by John Cheever

‘The Hartleys’ by John Cheever

‘The Music Teacher’ by John Cheever

‘O City Of Broken Dreams’ by John Cheever

‘O Youth And Beauty’ by John Cheever

‘Reunion’ by John Cheever

‘The Season Of Divorce’ by John Cheever

‘The Sutton Place Story’ by John Cheever

‘The Swimmer’ by John Cheever

‘The World Of Apples’ by John Cheever

‘The Worm In The Apple’ by John Cheever

Anton Chekhov

‘About Love’ by Anton Chekhov

‘At Christmas Time’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Beauties’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Bet’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Bishop’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Black Monk’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Chameleon’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Darling’ by Anton Chekhov

‘A Day In The Country’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Death Of A Government Clerk’ by Anton Chekhov

‘A Drama’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Fat And Thin’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Gooseberries’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The House With The Mezzanine’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Huntsman’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Husband’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Kiss’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Lady With The Little Dog’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Looking Glass’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Lottery Ticket’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Man In A Case’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Misery’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Oysters’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Party’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Polinka’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Rapture’ by Anton Chekhov

‘The Student’ by Anton Chekhov

‘Vanka’ by Anton Chekhov


‘The Oracle Of The Dog’ by G.K. Chesterton

‘The Queer Feet’ by G.K. Chesterton

‘Northerners Can Be So Smug’ by Alice Childress

‘The Pocketbook Game’ by Alice Childress

Kate Chopin

‘Désirée’s Baby’ by Kate Chopin

‘Fedora’ by Kate Chopin

‘Her Letters’ by Kate Chopin

‘La Belle Zoraide’ by Kate Chopin

‘A Pair Of Silk Stockings’ by Kate Chopin

‘Regret’ by Kate Chopin

‘A Respectable Woman’ by Kate Chopin

‘The Story Of An Hour’ by Kate Chopin

Agatha Christie

‘The Adventure Of The Cheap Flat’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Case Of The Missing Will’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Chocolate Box’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Lamp’ by Agatha Christie

‘Miss Marple Tells A Story’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Mystery Of Hunter’s Lodge’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Mystery Of The Spanish Chest’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Tragedy At Marsdon Manor’ by Agatha Christie

‘The Veiled Lady’ by Agatha Christie

‘Witness For The Prosecution’ by Agatha Christie


‘The Wind And The Snow Of Winter’ by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

‘The Nine Billion Names Of God’ by Arthur C. Clarke

‘The Star’ by Arthur C. Clarke

‘The Drill’ by Breena Clarke

‘The Boy Who Painted Christ Black’ by John Henrik Clarke

‘Santa Claus Is A White Man’ by John Henrik Clarke

‘Northeast Regional’ by Emma Cline

‘Wild Plums’ by Grace Stone Coates

‘The Net’ by Robert M. Coates

‘The Boys’ by Ethan Coen

‘Modern Girls’ by Teju Cole

‘The Gentle Libertine’ by Colette

‘The Other Wife’ by Colette

‘De Mortuis’ by John Collier

‘Exteriors’ by Kathleen Collins

‘The Lookout’ by Cyrus Colter

‘Mr. Parker’ by Laurie Colwin

‘The Most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connell

‘Midair’ by Frank Conroy

Robert Coover

‘The Babysitter’ by Robert Coover

‘Going For A Beer’ by Robert Coover

‘The Hanging Of The Schoolmarm’ by Robert Coover

‘Invasion Of The Martians’ by Robert Coover


‘Dusky Ruth’ by A.E. Coppard

‘Nightfall’ by Daniel Corkery

Julio Cortázar

‘Blow-Up’ by Julio Cortázar

‘End Of The Game’ by Julio Cortázar

‘House Taken Over’ by Julio Cortázar

‘Letter To A Young Lady In Paris’ by Julio Cortázar

‘The Night Face Up’ by Julio Cortázar


‘Blue Girl’ by Elizabeth Crane

‘You Must Be This Happy To Enter’ by Elizabeth Crane

Stephen Crane

‘The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky’ by Stephen Crane

‘A Dark Brown Dog’ by Stephen Crane

‘An Experiment In Misery’ by Stephen Crane

‘The Fight’ by Stephen Crane

‘Four Men In A Cave’ by Stephen Crane

‘His New Mittens’ by Stephen Crane

‘The Open Boat’ by Stephen Crane

‘The Snake’ by Stephen Crane


‘The Doll’s Ghost’ by F. Marion Crawford

‘Little Man’ by Michael Cunningham

‘The Manhunt’ by Daniel Curley

‘The Christmas Miracle’ by Rebecca Curtis

Roald Dahl

‘The Landlady’ by Roald Dahl

‘Man From The South’ by Roald Dahl

‘The Wish’ by Roald Dahl


‘Drummond & Son’ by Charles D’Ambrosio

‘The Point’ by Charles D’Ambrosio

Edwidge Danticat

‘Children Of The Sea’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘New York Day Women’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘Night Women’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘Reading Lessons’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘Seven’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘Water Child’ by Edwidge Danticat

‘Without Inspection’ by Edwidge Danticat


‘The Fashion Plate’ by Rhys Davies

Lydia Davis

‘Break It Down’ by Lydia Davis

‘Grammar Questions’ by Lydia Davis

‘Odd Behavior’ by Lydia Davis

‘The Sock’ by Lydia Davis

‘Television’ by Lydia Davis

‘The Two Davises And The Rugs’ by Lydia Davis


‘Then We’ll Set It Right’ by Robert Gorham Davis

‘The Apparition Of Mrs. Veal’ by Daniel Defoe

‘The Writer’s Trade’ by Nicholas Delbanco

‘Game Plan’ by Don DeLillo

Junot Díaz

‘Aguantando’ by Junot Díaz

‘Alma’ by Junot Díaz

‘Aurora’ by Junot Díaz

‘Boyfriend’ by Junot Díaz

‘Drown’ by Junot Díaz

‘Edison, New Jersey’ by Junot Díaz

‘Fiesta, 1980’ by Junot Díaz

‘How To Date A Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, Or Halfie)’ by Junot Díaz

‘Negocios’ by Junot Díaz

‘Nilda’ by Junot Díaz

‘No Face’ by Junot Díaz

‘The Sun, The Moon, The Stars’ by Junot Díaz

‘Ysrael’ by Junot Díaz


‘The Hanging Stranger’ by Philip K. Dick

‘The Skull’ by Philip K. Dick

Charles Dickens

‘The Boots At The Holly-Tree Inn’ by Charles Dickens

‘The Christmas Tree’ by Charles Dickens

‘A Haunted House’ by Charles Dickens

‘Hunted Down’ by Charles Dickens

‘Nobody’s Story’ by Charles Dickens

‘The Poor Relation’s Story’ by Charles Dickens


‘The World In A Bowl Of Soup: A Christmas Story’ by Annie Dillard

‘Xmas’ by Thomas M. Disch

‘Christ In Concrete’ by Pietro di Donato

Dean Doner

‘Before Crowned Heads’ by Dean Doner

‘End Of The World’ by Dean Doner

‘Indian Burial’ by Dean Doner

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘The Beggar Boy At Christ’s Christmas Tree’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘Bobok’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘A Christmas Tree And A Wedding’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘The Crocodile’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘An Honest Thief’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘A Novel In Nine Letters’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘The Peasant Marey’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky


‘Second-Hand Man’ by Rita Dove

Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of Abbey Grange’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Dancing Men’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Empty House’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Norwood Builder’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Solitary Cyclist’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Adventure Of The Speckled Band’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘A Case Of Identity’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Final Problem’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Five Orange Pips’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Leather Funnel’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘The Red-Headed League’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

‘A Scandal In Bohemia’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

Roddy Doyle

‘Bullfighting’ by Roddy Doyle

‘The Curfew’ by Roddy Doyle

‘The Pram’ by Roddy Doyle

Margaret Drabble

‘Crossing The Alps’ by Margaret Drabble

‘A Day In The Life Of A Smiling Woman’ by Margaret Drabble

‘The Gifts Of War’ by Margaret Drabble

‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ by Margaret Drabble

‘A Success Story’ by Margaret Drabble

‘A Voyage To Cythera’ by Margaret Drabble


‘The Lost Phoebe’ by Theodore Dreiser

‘Accident At The Sugarbeet’ by Tom Drury

‘Tiny In The Wilderness’ by Tom Drury

‘Delivering’ by Andre Dubus

Paul Laurence Dunbar

‘The Ingrate’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar

‘The Lynching Of Jube Benson’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar

‘An Old-Time Christmas’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar


‘Tony’s Wife’ by Alice Dunbar-Nelson

‘The Mechanic’ by Lena Dunham

Stuart Dybek

‘Blight’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Blowing Shades’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Bottle Caps’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Chopin In Winter’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Death Of A Right Fielder’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Farwell’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Hot Ice’ by Stuart Dybek

‘If I Vanish’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Lunch At The Loyola Arms’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Ordinary Nudes’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Paper Lantern’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Pet Milk’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Sauerkraut Soup’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Seiche’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Tosca’ by Stuart Dybek

‘Waiting’ by Stuart Dybek

‘We Didn’t’ by Stuart Dybek


‘A Long Day’s Dying’ by William Eastlake

‘How To Travel With A Salmon’ by Umberto Eco

‘The Alaska Of Giants And Gods’ by Dave Eggers


‘Across The Lake’ by Deborah Eisenberg

‘The Flaw In The Design’ by Deborah Eisenberg

‘Like It Or Not’ by Deborah Eisenberg

‘The Third Tower’ by Deborah Eisenberg

‘Twilight Of The Superheroes’ by Deborah Eisenberg


‘A Poetics For Bullies’ by Stanley Elkin

‘The NRACP’ by George P. Elliott

‘Hellion’ by Julia Elliott

‘Backwacking, A Plea To The Senator’ by Ralph Ellison

‘Free Fruit For Young Widows’ by Nathan Englander

‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank’ by Nathan Englander

Anne Enright

‘The Hotel’ by Anne Enright

‘(She Owns) Every Thing’ by Anne Enright

‘Solstice’ by Anne Enright

‘Until The Girl Died’ by Anne Enright

Louise Erdrich

‘Naked Woman Playing Chopin’ by Louise Erdrich

‘The Stone’ by Louise Erdrich

‘The Years Of My Birth’ by Louise Erdrich


‘Malta Sheffer’ by Nelson Eubanks

‘Uncle Raymond’ by Nelson Eubanks

‘Robert E. Lee Is Dead’ by Danielle Evans

‘The Appropriation Of Cultures’ by Percival Everett


‘Sugar Babies’ by Kali Fajardo-Anstine

‘Mary Elizabeth’ by Jessie Faucet

William Faulkner

‘A Bear Hunt’ by William Faulkner

‘Barn Burning’ by William Faulkner

‘Death Drag’ by William Faulkner

‘Dry September’ by William Faulkner

‘An Error In Chemistry’ by William Faulkner

‘Hair’ by William Faulkner

‘Hand Upon The Waters’ by William Faulkner

‘That Evening Sun’ by William Faulkner

‘A Rose For Emily’ by William Faulkner

‘Shall Not Perish’ by William Faulkner

‘Shingles For The Lord’ by William Faulkner

‘The Tall Men’ by William Faulkner

‘Wash’ by William Faulkner


‘The Tiger Of The Plains’ by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

‘The Dinner Party’ by Joshua Ferris

F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Babylon Revisited’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Benediction’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Bowl’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Bridal Party’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Cut-Glass Bowl’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Dalyrimple Goes Wrong’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Diamond As Big As The Ritz’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Dice, Brassknuckles & Guitar’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Financing Finnegan’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Ice Palace’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Jelly-Bean’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Lost Decade’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘May Day’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Night Of Chancellorsville’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Offshore Pirate’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Sensible Thing’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘A Short Trip Home’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘The Swimmers’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Winter Dreams’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald


‘Teller’s Ticket’ by Robert Flanagan

‘Saint Julian The Hospitaller’ by Gustave Flaubert

Richard Ford

‘Calling’ by Richard Ford

‘Communist’ by Richard Ford

‘Creche’ by Richard Ford

‘Displaced’ by Richard Ford

‘Privacy’ by Richard Ford

‘Puppy’ by Richard Ford

‘Quality Time’ by Richard Ford

‘Reunion’ by Richard Ford

‘Rock Springs’ by Richard Ford

‘Under The Radar’ by Richard Ford


‘The White Maniac – A Doctor’s Tale’ by Mary Fortune

‘Prizes’ by Janet Frame

‘Madame de Luzy’ by Anatole France

‘The Speech Of Polly Baker’ by Benjamin Franklin

Mary Wilkins Freeman

‘Ann Mary; Her Two Thanksgivings’ by Mary Wilkins Freeman

‘The Cat’ by Mary Wilkins Freeman

‘The Christmas Masquerade’ by Mary Wilkins Freeman

‘Luella Miller’ by Mary Wilkins Freeman


‘A Family Like Any Other’ by Carlos Fuentes

‘The Doll Queen’ by Carlos Fuentes

‘Night Calls’ by Lisa Fugard

Neil Gaiman

‘The Case Of Four And Twenty Blackbirds’ by Neil Gaiman

‘Cinnamon’ by Neil Gaiman

‘Click-Clack The Rattlebag’ by Neil Gaiman

‘Closing Time’ by Neil Gaiman

‘Down To A Sunless Sea’ by Neil Gaiman

‘Good Boys Deserve Favors’ by Neil Gaiman

‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ by Neil Gaiman

‘When We Went To See The End Of The World By Dawnie Morningside, Age 11¼’ by Neil Gaiman

Mary Gaitskill

‘An Affair, Edited’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Because They Wanted To’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘The Blanket’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Comfort’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Connection’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Daisy’s Valentine’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘A Dream Of Men’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘The Girl On The Plane’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Heaven’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Mirrorball’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Other Factors’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘The Other Place’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Romantic Weekend’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Secretary’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Something Nice’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Tiny Smiling Daddy’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Trying To Be’ by Mary Gaitskill

‘Turgor’ by Mary Gaitskill


‘How Can I Help?’ by Rivka Galchen

‘A Figure Of Speech’ by Tess Gallagher

Mavis Gallant

‘Going Ashore’ by Mavis Gallant

‘Irina’ by Mavis Gallant

‘Rose’ by Mavis Gallant

‘The Sunday After Christmas’ by Mavis Gallant

‘When We Were Nearly Young’ by Mavis Gallant


‘Peace On High’ by Rómulo Gallegos

‘The Lottery Ticket’ by Ventura García Calderón

Gabriel García Márquez

‘Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘Death Constant Beyond Love’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘Eyes Of A Blue Dog’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘The Last Voyage Of The Ghost Ship’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘One Of These Days’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings’ by Gabriel García Márquez

‘The Woman Who Came At Six O’Clock’ by Gabriel García Márquez


‘The Confidence Man’ by George Garrett

‘The Old Army Game’ by George Garrett

‘Everybody Knows Tobie’ by Daniel Garza

‘In The Heart Of The Heart Of The Country’ by William Gass

‘How’ by Roxane Gay

‘The Paperhanger’ by William Gay

‘My Mother’ by Andre Gide

‘Victory Over Japan’ by Ellen Gilchrist

‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman

‘The Mother’ by Natalia Ginzburg

‘Falalalalalalalala’ by Nikki Giovanni

‘The Prize Lodger’ by George Gissing

‘A Jury Of Her Peers’ by Susan Glaspell

Nikolai Gogol

‘The Carriage’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘Diary Of A Madman’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka And His Aunt’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘Nevsky Prospect’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘The Nose’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘The Overcoat’ by Nikolai Gogol

‘St. John’s Eve’ by Nikolai Gogol


‘FAQs’ by Allegra Goodman

‘The Local Production Of Cinderella’ by Allegra Goodman

Nadine Gordimer

‘City Lovers’ by Nadine Gordimer

‘The Life Of The Imagination’ by Nadine Gordimer

‘The Pet’ by Nadine Gordimer


‘Last Day In The Field’ by Caroline Gordon

‘Goodbye, Pops’ by Joe Gores

‘Absit’ by Angélica Gorodischer

‘The Texas Principessa’ by William Goyen

‘The Parker Shotgun’ by Sue Grafton

‘White Girl, Fine Girl’ by Shirley Ann Grau

Graham Greene

‘Cheap In August’ by Graham Greene

‘The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen’ by Graham Greene

‘Mortmain’ by Graham Greene

‘Two Gentle People’ by Graham Greene


‘Back Then’ by Mary Grimm

Lauren Groff

‘Dogs Go Wolf’ by Lauren Groff

‘Flower Hunters’ by Lauren Groff

‘The Midnight Zone’ by Lauren Groff


‘The Hammam’ by Hervé Guibert

‘The Third Bank Of The River’ by João Guimarães Rosa

‘The Braider’ by Ricardo Güiraldes


‘The Pier Falls’ by Mark Haddon

Tessa Hadley

‘An Abduction’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Bad Dreams’ by Tessa Hadley

‘The Card Trick’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Cecilia Awakened’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Clever Girl’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Dido’s Lament’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Funny Little Snake’ by Tessa Hadley

‘One Saturday Morning’ by Tessa Hadley

‘Silk Brocade’ by Tessa Hadley

‘The Surrogate’ by Tessa Hadley

Nancy Hale

‘Georgetown Nights’ by Nancy Hale

‘The New Order’ by Nancy Hale

‘Sunday Lunch’ by Nancy Hale

‘Who Lived And Died Believing’ by Nancy Hale


‘The Ledge’ by Lawrence Sargent Hall

‘Butcher’s Perfume’ by Sarah Hall

‘Then Later, His Ghost’ by Sarah Hall

Barry Hannah

‘Coming Close To Donna’ by Barry Hannah

‘Dragged Fighting From His Tomb’ by Barry Hannah

‘Even Greenland’ by Barry Hannah

‘Knowing He Was Not My Kind Yet I Followed’ by Barry Hannah

‘Midnight And I’m Not Famous Yet’ by Barry Hannah

‘Testimony Of Pilot’ by Barry Hannah

‘Trek’ by Barry Hannah

‘Uncle High Lonesome’ by Barry Hannah

‘Water Liars’ by Barry Hannah


‘Nebraska’ by Ron Hansen

‘The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story’ by Joel Chandler Harris

Bret Harte

‘The Luck Of Roaring Camp’ by Bret Harte

‘The Outcasts Of Poker Flat’ by Bret Harte

‘Tennessee’s Partner’ by Bret Harte


‘August Heat’ by W.F. Harvey

‘City Visit’ by Adam Haslett

Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Birth-Mark’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Christmas Banquet’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘Feathertop’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Haunted Mind’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘John Inglefield’s Thanksgiving’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Man Of Adamant’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Maypole Of Merry-Mount’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Minister’s Black Veil’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘My Kinsman, Major Molineaux’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘The Prophetic Pictures’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘Wakefield’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘Young Goodman Brown’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


‘Weekend’ by Shirley Hazzard

‘Cranberry Relish’ by Katherine Heiny

‘One Throw’ by W.C. Heinz

Mark Helprin

‘Letters From The Samantha‘ by Mark Helprin

‘The Schreuderspitze’ by Mark Helprin

‘A Vermont Tale’ by Mark Helprin

Ernest Hemingway

‘Che Ti Dice La Patria?’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘A Clean, Well-Lighted Place’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘Hills Like White Elephants’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘Homage To Switzerland’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘In Another Country’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘The Killers’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘My Old Man’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘A Simple Enquiry’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘The Snows Of Kilimanjaro’ by Ernest Hemingway

‘Soldier’s Home’ by Ernest Hemingway

Amy Hempel

‘And Lead Us Not Into Penn Station’ by Amy Hempel

‘The Annex’ by Amy Hempel

‘At The Animal Shelter’ by Amy Hempel

‘The Children’s Party’ by Amy Hempel

‘Daylight Come’ by Amy Hempel

‘The Harvest’ by Amy Hempel

‘Housewife’ by Amy Hempel

‘In The Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried’ by Amy Hempel

‘The Most Girl Part Of You’ by Amy Hempel

‘Murder’ by Amy Hempel

‘Offertory’ by Amy Hempel

‘Rapture Of The Deep’ by Amy Hempel

‘San Francisco’ by Amy Hempel

‘To Those Of You Who Missed Your Connecting Flights Out Of O’Hare’ by Amy Hempel

‘Tom-Rock Through The Eels’ by Amy Hempel

‘Tonight Is A Favor To Holly’ by Amy Hempel

‘Weekend’ by Amy Hempel

‘When It’s Human Instead Of When It’s Dog’ by Amy Hempel


‘Treasure State’ by Smith Henderson

Cristina Henríquez

‘Ashes’ by Cristina Henríquez

‘Chasing Birds’ by Cristina Henríquez

‘Drive’ by Cristina Henríquez

O. Henry

‘After Twenty Years’ by O. Henry

‘Christmas By Injunction’ by O. Henry

‘The Clarion Call’ by O. Henry

‘The Cop And The Anthem’ by O. Henry

‘The Duplicity Of Hargraves’ by O. Henry

‘The Furnished Room’ by O. Henry

‘The Gift Of The Magi’ by O. Henry

‘Mammon And The Archer’ by O. Henry

‘The Princess And The Puma’ by O. Henry

‘The Ransom Of Red Chief’ by O. Henry

‘A Retrieved Reformation’ by O. Henry

‘The Romance Of A Busy Broker’ by O. Henry

‘The Skylight Room’ by O. Henry

‘Tobin’s Palm’ by O. Henry

‘Transients In Arcadia’ by O. Henry

‘Two Thanksgiving Gentlemen’ by O. Henry


‘The Balcony’ by Filisberto Hernández

‘Caveat Emptor’ by Joan Hess

‘Too Much To Bare’ by Joan Hess

‘My Life Is A Joke’ by Sheila Heti

‘Brooklyns Lose’ by William Heuman

Patricia Highsmith

‘The Breeder’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Coquette’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Dancer’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Female Novelist’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Fully Licensed Whore, Or, The Wife’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Hand’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Heroine’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Invalid, Or The Bedridden’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Middle-Class Housewife’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Quest For “Blank Claveringi”’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Terrapin’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘The Trouble With Mrs. Blynn, The Trouble With The World’ by Patricia Highsmith

‘Where The Door Is Always Open And The Welcome Mat Is Out’ by Patricia Highsmith


‘Why I Became A Nightingale’ by Wolfgang Hildesheimer

‘Dirty Deceivers’ by Chester Himes

‘Mama’s Missionary Money’ by Chester Himes

‘Different Shorelines’ by S.E. Hinton

‘Monroe’s Wedding’ by John Holman

‘The Peach Stone’ by Paul Horgan

‘On The Oregon Trail’ by Caitlin Horrocks

‘Sun City’ by Caitlin Horrocks

‘The Best Girlfriend You Never Had’ by Pam Houston

‘In My Next Life’ by Pam Houston

‘Christmas Every Day’ by William Dean Howells

Langston Hughes

‘Christmas Song’ by Langston Hughes

‘Conversation On The Corner’ by Langston Hughes

‘Feet Live Their Own Life’ by Langston Hughes

‘Landladies’ by Langston Hughes

‘One Christmas Eve’ by Langston Hughes

‘One Friday Morning’ by Langston Hughes

‘Passing’ by Langston Hughes

‘Present For Joyce’ by Langston Hughes

‘Simple On Indian Blood’ by Langston Hughes

‘Simple On Military Integration’ by Langston Hughes

‘Simple Prays A Prayer’ by Langston Hughes

‘Slave On The Block’ by Langston Hughes

‘Thank You Ma’am’ by Langston Hughes

‘Tied In A Bow’ by Langston Hughes

‘Vacation’ by Langston Hughes

‘Vicious Circle’ by Langston Hughes

‘Who’s Passing For Who?’ by Langston Hughes


‘The Rain Horse’ by Ted Hughes

Zora Neale Hurston

‘Drenched In Light’ by Zora Neale Hurston

‘Eatonville Anthology’ by Zora Neale Hurston

‘The Gilded Six-Bits’ by Zora Neale Hurston

‘Magnolia Flower’ by Zora Neale Hurston

‘Muttsy’ by Zora Neale Hurston

‘Spunk’ by Zora Neale Hurston


‘Even Pretty Eyes Commit Crimes’ by M.J. Hyland

Washington Irving

‘The Adventure Of The German Student’ by Washington Irving

‘The Bold Dragoon, Or The Adventure Of My Grandfather’ by Washington Irving

‘The Devil And Tom Walker’ by Washington Irving

‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’ by Washington Irving

‘Legend Of The Two Discreet Statues’ by Washington Irving

‘Rip Van Winkle’ by Washington Irving

‘The Stout Gentleman’ by Washington Irving


‘A Family Supper’ by Kazuo Ishiguro

‘A Village After Dark’ by Kazuo Ishiguro


‘Billy’s Girl’ by Gordon Jackson

‘Serve-And-Volley Near Vichy’ by Greg Jackson

Shirley Jackson

‘Afternoon In Linen’ by Shirley Jackson

‘Charles’ by Shirley Jackson

‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson

‘One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts’ by Shirley Jackson

‘Paranoia’ by Shirley Jackson

‘The Possibility Of Evil’ by Shirley Jackson


‘Change Of Treatment’ by W.W. Jacobs

‘The Monkey’s Paw’ by W.W. Jacobs

‘A Day In The Country’ by Dan Jacobson

Henry James

‘The Altar Of The Dead’ by Henry James

‘A Bundle Of Letters’ by Henry James

‘Greville Fane’ by Henry James

‘Master Eustace’ by Henry James

‘The Middle Years’ by Henry James

‘Miss Gunton From Poughkeepsie’ by Henry James

‘My Friend Bingham’ by Henry James

‘Paste’ by Henry James

‘The Special Type’ by Henry James

‘The Tree Of Knowledge’ by Henry James


‘The Yo-Yo’ by P.D. James

‘The Slaves In New York’ by Tama Janowitz

‘A Leading Role’ by Tove Jansson

Sarah Orne Jewett

‘Decoration Day’ by Sarah Orne Jewett

‘Going To Shrewsbury’ by Sarah Orne Jewett

‘A White Heron’ by Sarah Orne Jewett

‘A Winter Courtship’ by Sarah Orne Jewett


‘The Weave’ by Charles Johnson


‘Car Crash While Hitchhiking’ by Denis Johnson

‘Dundun’ by Denis Johnson

‘Emergency’ by Denis Johnson

‘Happy Hour’ by Denis Johnson

‘The Other Man’ by Denis Johnson

‘Out On Bail’ by Denis Johnson

‘Steady Hands In Seattle General’ by Denis Johnson

‘Two Men’ by Denis Johnson

‘Work’ by Denis Johnson


‘A Butterfly On F Street’ by Edward P. Jones

‘A Dark Night’ by Edward P. Jones

‘The Girl Who Raised Pigeons’ by Edward P. Jones

‘His Mother’s House’ by Edward P. Jones

‘Lost In The City’ by Edward P. Jones

‘A New Man’ by Edward P. Jones

‘The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed’ by Edward P. Jones

‘An Orange Line Train To Ballston’ by Edward P. Jones

‘The Store’ by Edward P. Jones

‘The Sunday Following Mother’s Day’ by Edward P. Jones

‘Young Lions’ by Edward P. Jones


‘White Rat’ by Gayl Jones

‘The Golden Pony’ by Glyn Jones

‘Mouses’ by Thom Jones

‘The Wife’ by Jennifer Jordan

James Joyce

‘After The Race’ by James Joyce

‘Araby’ by James Joyce

‘The Boarding House’ by James Joyce

‘Clay’ by James Joyce

‘Counterparts’ by James Joyce

‘The Dead’ by James Joyce

‘An Encounter’ by James Joyce

‘Eveline’ by James Joyce

‘Grace’ by James Joyce

‘Ivy Day In The Committee Room’ by James Joyce

‘A Little Cloud’ by James Joyce

‘A Mother’ by James Joyce

‘A Painful Case’ by James Joyce

‘The Sisters’ by James Joyce

‘Two Gallants’ by James Joyce

Miranda July

‘How To Tell Stories To Children’ by Miranda July

‘It Was Romance’ by Miranda July

‘The Man On The Stairs’ by Miranda July

‘Roy Spivey’ by Miranda July

‘Something That Needs Nothing’ by Miranda July

‘The Swim Team’ by Miranda July

Franz Kafka

‘Blumfeld, An Elderly Bachelor’ by Franz Kafka

‘A Country Doctor’ by Franz Kafka

‘The Hunger Artist’ by Franz Kafka

‘In The Penal Colony’ by Franz Kafka

‘The Judgment’ by Franz Kafka

‘A Little Woman’ by Franz Kafka

‘The Married Couple’ by Franz Kafka

‘Unhappiness’ by Franz Kafka


‘This Is Paradise’ by Kristiana Kahakauwila

‘One Arm’ by Yasunari Kawabata

‘Nikishka’s Secrets’ by Yury Kazakov

‘The Best Christmas Ever’ by James Patrick Kelly

‘The Rosary’ by Robert Kelly

Etgar Keret

‘Breaking The Pig’ by Etgar Keret

‘Fly Already’ by Etgar Keret

‘Good Intentions’ by Etgar Keret

‘One Gram Short’ by Etgar Keret

‘To The Moon And Back’ by Etgar Keret


‘Flowers For Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes

‘The Destiny Of A Professor’s Wife’ by Daniil Kharms

‘As You Would Have Told It To Me (Sort Of) If We Had Known Each Other Before You Died’ by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

‘Bluebell Meadow’ by Benedict Kiely

‘God Bless America’ by John Oliver Killens

‘The Stick Up’ by John Oliver Killens

Jamaica Kincaid

‘At Last’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘The Circling Hand’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘Figures In The Distance’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘In The Night’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘The Letter From Home’ by Jamaica Kincaid

‘Wingless’ by Jamaica Kincaid

Stephen King

‘Batman And Robin Have An Altercation’ by Stephen King

‘The Boogeyman’ by Stephen King

‘Harvey’s Dream’ by Stephen King

‘Here There Be Tygers’ by Stephen King

‘The Lawnmower Man’ by Stephen King

‘The Ledge’ by Stephen King

‘Premium Harmony’ by Stephen King

‘Quitters, Inc.’ by Stephen King

‘Rest Stop’ by Stephen King

‘Strawberry Spring’ by Stephen King

‘1408’ by Stephen King


‘How The Camel Got His Hump’ by Rudyard Kipling

‘The Beggarwoman Of Locarno’ by Heinrich von Kleist

‘The Earthquake In Chile’ by Heinrich von Kleist

‘Birdland’ by Michael Knight

‘The Artichoke’ by Marilyn Krysl

‘The Hitchhiking Game’ by Milan Kundera

‘She Said He Said’ by Hanif Kureishi

‘Foaling Season’ by Aryn Kyle


‘A Temporary Matter’ by Jhumpa Lahiri

‘Signal’ by John Lanchester

Ring Lardner

‘Alibi Ike’ by Ring Lardner

‘Champion’ by Ring Lardner

‘The Golden Honeymoon’ by Ring Lardner

‘Haircut’ by Ring Lardner


‘Sanctuary’ by Nella Larsen

Margaret Laurence

‘A Bird In The House’ by Margaret Laurence

‘The Half-Husky’ by Margaret Laurence

‘Horses In The Night’ by Margaret Laurence

‘Jericho’s Brick Battlements’ by Margaret Laurence

‘The Loons’ by Margaret Laurence

‘The Mask Of The Bear’ by Margaret Laurence

‘The Sound Of The Singing’ by Margaret Laurence

‘To Set Our House In Order’ by Margaret Laurence


‘The Living’ by Mary Lavin

D.H. Lawrence

‘The Blind Man’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘The Odour Of Chrysanthemums’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘Second Best’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘Two Blue Birds’ by D.H. Lawrence


‘New Year’s Night’ by Henry Lawson

Stephen Leacock

‘The Errors Of Santa Claus’ by Stephen Leacock

‘Merry Christmas’ by Stephen Leacock

‘My Financial Career’ by Stephen Leacock


‘Territory’ by David Leavitt


‘Brothers And Sisters Around The World’ by Andrea Lee

‘The Children’ by Andrea Lee

‘Mother’ by Andrea Lee


‘Silences’ by Helen Elaine Lee

‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’ by Ursula K. Le Guin

‘Principal Alpaca’ by Richard Leise

‘Spirituality; With Or Without A Prayer’ by Elmore Leonard

‘Three-Ten To Yuma’ by Elmore Leonard

Doris Lessing

‘England Versus England’ by Doris Lessing

‘How I Finally Lost My Heart’ by Doris Lessing

‘Mrs. Fortescue’ by Doris Lessing

‘One Off The Short List’ by Doris Lessing

‘Through The Tunnel’ by Doris Lessing

‘To Room Nineteen’ by Doris Lessing

‘A Woman On The Roof’ by Doris Lessing


‘The Afterlife’ by Jonathan Lethem

‘Ghost Patrol’ by Sinclair Lewis

‘The Anatomy Of Desire’ by John L’Heureux

‘Three Short Moments In A Long Life’ by John L’Heureux

‘Extra’ by Yiyun Li

‘On The Street Where You Live’ by Yiyun Li

‘The Stump-Grubber’ by Torgny Lindgren

‘Success’ by Adriana Lisboa

Clarice Lispector

‘The Buffalo’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Chicken’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Crime Of The Mathematics Professor’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Dinner’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Fifth Story’ by Clarice Lispector

‘Happy Birthday’ by Clarice Lispector

‘Mystery In São Cristóvão’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Obedient Ones’ by Clarice Lispector

‘Remnants Of Carnival’ by Clarice Lispector

‘A Sincere Friendship’ by Clarice Lispector

‘The Smallest Woman In The World’ by Clarice Lispector

‘Temptation’ by Clarice Lispector


‘The Paper Menagerie’ by Ken Liu

‘To Build A Fire’ by Jack London

‘The Story Of Keesh’ by Jack London

‘Liquor Makes You Smart’ by Anita Loos

‘The Mappist’ by Barry Lopez

‘The Colour Out Of Space’ by H.P. Lovecraft

‘The Haunter Of The Dark’ by H.P. Lovecraft

‘The First Flower’ by Augusta Wallace Lyons


‘On The Empty Shore’ by Seosamh Mac Grianna

‘The Piano’ by Anibal Monteiro Machado

‘A Singular Occurrence’ by Machado de Assis

‘Midnight Mass’ by Machado de Assis

‘Doctors’ by Anneliese Mackintosh

‘Playing Before Royalty’ by Ian MacMillan

Bernard Malamud

‘Angel Levine’ by Bernard Malamud

‘Armistice’ by Bernard Malamud

‘The First Seven Years’ by Bernard Malamud

‘Idiots First’ by Bernard Malamud

‘The Jewbird’ by Bernard Malamud

‘The Magic Barrel’ by Bernard Malamud

‘The Mourners’ by Bernard Malamud

‘Notes From A Lady At A Dinner Party’ by Bernard Malamud

‘A Summer’s Reading’ by Bernard Malamud


‘The Path To The Cemetery’ by Thomas Mann

Katherine Mansfield

‘At The Bay’ by Katherine Mansfield

‘The Doll’s House’ by Katherine Mansfield

‘The Fly’ by Katherine Mansfield

‘The Garden Party’ by Katherine Mansfield

‘The Lady’s Maid’ by Katherine Mansfield


‘The Long QT’ by Hilary Mantel

‘Nadine At Forty’ by Hilary Mantel

‘He Who Listens May Hear – To His Regret: Confidence Of A Confidence’ by Juana Manuela Gorriti

‘The Little Wife’ by William March

Ben Marcus

‘Blueprints For St. Louis’ by Ben Marcus

‘The Dark Arts’ by Ben Marcus

‘First Love’ by Ben Marcus

‘I Can Say Many Nice Things’ by Ben Marcus

‘Rollingwood’ by Ben Marcus

‘Watching Mysteries With My Mother’ by Ben Marcus

‘What Have You Done?’ by Ben Marcus

Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Bumblebees’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Detroit Skyline 1949’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Drawing Names’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Nancy Culpepper’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Offerings’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Residents And Transients’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘The Rookers’ by Bobbie Ann Mason

‘Shiloh’ by Bobbie Ann Mason


‘The Centerpiece’ by Peter Matthiessen

‘The Facts Of Life’ by Somerset Maugham

‘Louise’ by Somerset Maugham

Guy de Maupassant

‘The Adopted Son’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Boule de Suif’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Christmas Eve’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Confessing’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘A Dead Woman’s Secrets’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Idyll’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘The Log’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Mademoiselle Pearl’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘Miss Harriet’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘The Necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘A New Year’s Gift’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘A Piece Of String’ by Guy de Maupassant

‘The Terror’ by Guy de Maupassant

daphne du Maurier

‘The Birds’ by Daphne du Maurier

‘Don’t Look Now’ by Daphne du Maurier

‘La Sainte-Vierge’ by Daphne du Maurier

William Maxwell

‘The Actual Thing’ by William Maxwell

‘Homecoming’ by William Maxwell

‘The Lily-White Boys’ by William Maxwell

‘Love’ by William Maxwell

‘The Patterns Of Love’ by William Maxwell

‘The Pilgrimage’ by William Maxwell

‘The Poor Orphan Girl’ by William Maxwell

‘The Thistles In Sweden’ by William Maxwell

‘The Trojan Women’ by William Maxwell

‘With Reference To An Incident At A Bridge’ by William Maxwell

‘Young Francis Whitehead’ by William Maxwell


‘This Is My Living Room’ by Tom McAfee

james McBride

‘Buck Boy’ by James McBride

‘Father Abe’ by James McBride

‘The Under Graham Railroad Box Car Set’ by James McBride


‘Everything In This Country Must’ by Colum McCann

‘The Tin Butterfly’ by Mary McCarthy

‘Some Terpsichore’ by Elizabeth McCracken

Carson McCullers

‘Correspondence’ by Carson McCullers

‘The Discovery Of Christmas’ by Carson McCullers

‘Home For Christmas’ by Carson McCullers

‘The Jockey’ by Carson McCullers

‘Madame Zilensky And The King Of Finland’ by Carson McCullers

‘Sucker’ by Carson McCullers

‘A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud’ by Carson McCullers

‘Wunderkind’ by Carson McCullers

Ian McEwan

‘First Love, Last Rites’ by Ian McEwan

‘My Purple Scented Novel’ by Ian McEwan

‘Pornography’ by Ian McEwan

‘Psychopolis’ by Ian McEwan


‘The Wine Breath’ by John McGahern

‘If It Keeps On Raining’ by Jon McGregor

Thomas McGuane

‘Cowboy’ by Thomas McGuane

‘Gallatin Canyon’ by Thomas McGuane

‘Ice’ by Thomas McGuane

‘North Coast’ by Thomas McGuane

‘Old Friends’ by Thomas McGuane

‘Riddle’ by Thomas McGuane

‘Vicious Circle’ by Thomas McGuane


‘He Also Loved’ by Claude McKay

‘Truant’ by Claude McKay

‘The Poteen Maker’ by Michael McLaverty

‘The Road To The Shore’ by Michael McLaverty

James alan Mcpherson

‘The Faithful’ by James Alan McPherson

‘A Loaf Of Bread’ by James Alan McPherson

‘On Trains’ by James Alan McPherson

‘A Sense Of Story’ by James Alan McPherson

‘The Silver Bullet’ by James Alan McPherson

‘A Solo Song: For Doc’ by James Alan McPherson

‘The Story Of A Dead Man’ by James Alan McPherson

‘The Story Of A Scar’ by James Alan McPherson

‘Why I Like Country Music’ by James Alan McPherson


‘The Tree Line, Kansas, 1934’ by David Means

‘Sault Ste. Marie’ by David Means


‘Aqua Boulevard’ by Maile Meloy

‘Four Lean Hounds, ca. 1976’ by Maile Meloy

‘O Tannenbaum’ by Maile Meloy

‘The Proxy Marriage’ by Maile Meloy

‘Ranch Girl’ by Maile Meloy

‘Red’ by Maile Meloy

‘Red From Green’ by Maile Meloy

‘Thirteen And A Half’ by Maile Meloy

‘Tome’ by Maile Meloy

‘Travis, B.’ by Maile Meloy


‘Bartleby, The Scrivener’ by Herman Melville

‘The Lightning-Rod Man’ by Herman Melville

‘Island Rodeo Queen’ by Yamile Saied Méndez

‘Celebrations Of Thanksgiving: Cuban Seasonings’ by Ana Menéndez

‘The Clearing’ by Luisa Mercedes Levinson

‘Mateo Falcone’ by Prosper Mérimée

‘Old Christmas’ by Stephen Merion

Leonard Michaels

‘City Boy’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Cryptology’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Manikin’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Nachman’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Nachman At The Races’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Nachman Burning’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Nachman From Los Angeles’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Of Mystery There Is No End’ by Leonard Michaels

‘The Penultimate Conjecture’ by Leonard Michaels

‘Storytellers, Liars, And Bores’ by Leonard Michaels

Steven Millhauser

‘Coming Soon’ by Steven Millhauser

‘Eisenheim The Illusionist’ by Steven Millhauser

‘In The Reign Of Harad IV’ by Steven Millhauser

‘Late’ by Steven Millhauser

‘Miracle Polish’ by Steven Millhauser

‘A Visit’ by Steven Millhauser


‘Three Million Yen’ by Yukio Mishima

‘His Excellency’ by Indro Montanelli

‘Christmas At Red Butte’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery

‘Boys’ by Rick Moody

‘When The Door Closed, It Was Dark’ by Alison Moore

Lorrie Moore

‘Agnes Of Iowa’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Community Life’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Dance In America’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Debarking’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Foes’ by Lorrie Moore

‘The Juniper Tree’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Paper Losses’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Real Estate’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Referential’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Subject To Search’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Thank You For Having Me’ by Lorrie Moore

‘Willing’ by Lorrie Moore

‘You’re Ugly, Too’ by Lorrie Moore


‘Jewellery’ by Alberto Moravia

Ottessa Moshfegh

‘The Beach Boy’ by Ottessa Moshfegh

‘An Honest Woman’ by Ottessa Moshfegh

‘The Weirdos’ by Ottessa Moshfegh


‘Crusader Rabbit’ by Jess Mowry

‘The Canebrake’ by Mohammed Mrabet

Alice Munro

‘Axis’ by Alice Munro

‘Bardon Bus’ by Alice Munro

‘The Bear Came Over The Mountain’ by Alice Munro

‘Boys And Girls’ by Alice Munro

‘Corrie’ by Alice Munro

‘Dance Of The Happy Shades’ by Alice Munro

‘Dear Life’ by Alice Munro

‘The Eye’ by Alice Munro

‘Family Furnishings’ by Alice Munro

‘Fiction’ by Alice Munro

‘The Flats Road’ by Alice Munro

‘Gravel’ by Alice Munro

‘How I Met My Husband’ by Alice Munro

‘Images’ by Alice Munro

‘Meneseteung’ by Alice Munro

‘The Moons Of Jupiter’ by Alice Munro

‘Night’ by Alice Munro

‘The Office’ by Alice Munro

‘An Ounce Of Cure’ by Alice Munro

‘The Peace Of Utrecht’ by Alice Munro

‘Postcard’ by Alice Munro

‘Prue’ by Alice Munro

‘Red Dress – 1946’ by Alice Munro

‘Runaway’ by Alice Munro

‘The Shining Houses’ by Alice Munro

‘Thanks For The Ride’ by Alice Munro

‘Train’ by Alice Munro

‘The Turkey Season’ by Alice Munro

‘The View From Castle Rock’ by Alice Munro

‘Voices’ by Alice Munro

‘Walker Brothers Cowboy’ by Alice Munro

‘Wenlock Edge’ by Alice Munro

Haruki Murakami

‘Birthday Girl’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Crabs’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Dabchick’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Elephant Vanishes’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Ice Man’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Kangaroo Communiqué’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Kidney-Shaped Stone That Moves Every Day’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Man-Eating Cats’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Mirror’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Nausea 1979’ by Haruki Murakami

‘New York Mining Disaster’ by Haruki Murakami

On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning’ by Haruki Murakami

‘A Perfect Day For Kangaroos’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Rise And Fall Of Sharpie Cakes’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Scheherazade’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Second Bakery Attack’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Shinagawa Monkey’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Sleep’ by Haruki Murakami

‘Tony Takitani’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Wind-Up Bird And Tuesday’s Women’ by Haruki Murakami

‘The Year Of Spaghetti’ by Haruki Murakami


‘A Clean Marriage’ by Sayaka Murata

Vladimir Nabokov

‘An Affair Of Honor’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Breaking The News’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Christmas’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘The Christmas Story’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Cloud, Castle, Lake’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘A Dashing Fellow’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘First Love’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Music’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘A Russian Beauty’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Spring In Fialta’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Symbols And Signs’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘The Thunderstorm’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘Ultima Thule’ by Vladimir Nabokov

‘The Vane Sisters’ by Vladimir Nabokov


‘A Horse And Two Goats’ by R.K. Narayan

‘Naga’ by R.K. Narayan

‘Kiswana Browne’ by Gloria Naylor

Antonya Nelson

‘Chapter Two’ by Antonya Nelson

‘First Husband’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Funny Once’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Kansas’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Literally’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Naked Ladies’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Stitches’ by Antonya Nelson

‘The There There’ by Antonya Nelson

‘Winter In Yalta’ by Antonya Nelson


‘Prodigal’ by Laura D. Nichols

‘The Flight Of Geese’ by Leslie Norris

‘Roman Spring’ by Leslie Norris

Joyce Carol Oates

‘At The Seminary’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Cousins’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Dead’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Do With Me What You Will’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Ghost Girls’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Happy’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Heat’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘High Lonesome’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘How I Contemplated The World From The Detroit House Of Correction And Began My Life Over Again’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘In The Region Of Ice’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Lady With The Pet Dog’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Landfill’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Life After High School’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Mark Of Satan’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Mastiff’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Metamorphosis’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Nairobi’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Small Avalanches’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Smother’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Swimmers’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘The Turn Of The Screw’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Upon The Sweeping Flood’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?’ by Joyce Carol Oates

‘Where I Lived, And What I Lived For’ by Joyce Carol Oates

Edna O’Brien

‘Brother’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Connor Girls’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Creature’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Doll’ by Edna O’Brien

‘In The Hours Of Darkness’ by Edna O’Brien

‘Irish Revel’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Love Object’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Mouth Of The Cave’ by Edna O’Brien

‘Mrs. Reinhardt’ by Edna O’Brien

‘Number Ten’ by Edna O’Brien

‘A Rose In The Heart Of New York’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Rug’ by Edna O’Brien

‘Sister Imelda’ by Edna O’Brien

‘Violets’ by Edna O’Brien

‘The Widow’ by Edna O’Brien

Flannery O’Connor

‘The Artificial N—–‘ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Barber’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A Circle In The Fire’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Comforts Of Home’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Displaced Person’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Enduring Chill’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Enoch And The Gorilla’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Everything That Rises Must Converge’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Good Country People’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Greenleaf’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A Late Encounter With The Enemy’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Revelation’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The River’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A Stroke Of Good Fortune’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A Temple Of The Holy Ghost’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘The Train’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘A View Of The Woods’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘Why Do The Heathens Rage?’ by Flannery O’Connor

‘You Can’t Be Any Poorer Than Dead’ by Flannery O’Connor

Frank O’Connor

‘Christmas Morning’ by Frank O’Connor

‘The Drunkard’ by Frank O’Connor

‘First Confession’ by Frank O’Connor

‘Guests Of The Nation’ by Frank O’Connor

‘Judas’ by Frank O’Connor

‘Legal Aid’ by Frank O’Connor

‘The Mad Lomasneys’ by Frank O’Connor

‘The Majesty Of The Law’ by Frank O’Connor

‘The Man Of The House’ by Frank O’Connor

‘The Masculine Principle’ by Frank O’Connor

‘My Oedipus Complex’ by Frank O’Connor

‘News For The Church’ by Frank O’Connor

‘Upturned’ by Frank O’Connor


‘Legend For A Painting’ by Julia O’Faolain

Sean O’Faolain

‘A Dead Cert’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Durling, Or The Faithless Wife’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Innocence’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Lovers Of The Lake’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘The Sugawn Chair’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘The Trout’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Two Of A Kind’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Unholy Living And Half Dying’ by Sean O’Faolain

‘Up The Bare Stairs’ by Sean O’Faolain


‘So Peaceful In The Country’ by Carl Ruthven Offord

‘The Hawk’ by Liam O’Flaherty

John O’Hara

‘Agatha’ by John O’Hara

‘Between The Halves’ by John O’Hara

‘Christmas Poem’ by John O’Hara

‘Flight’ by John O’Hara

‘Graven Image’ by John O’Hara

‘How Old, How Young’ by John O’Hara

‘Over The River And Through The Wood’ by John O’Hara

‘A Short Walk From The Station’ by John O’Hara

‘Two Turtledoves’ by John O’Hara


‘In The Shadow Of War’ by Ben Okri

‘Key To The City’ by Diane Oliver

‘Neighbors’ by Diane Oliver

‘I Stand Here Ironing’ by Tillie Olsen

‘Tell Me A Riddle’ by Tillie Olsen

‘The State’ by Tommy Orange

‘Diem Perdidi’ by Julie Otsuka

‘The Lighthouse’ by Agnes Owens

Amos Oz

‘Heirs’ by Amos Oz

‘The King Of Norway’ by Amos Oz

‘Waiting’ by Amos Oz


‘Levitation’ by Cynthia Ozick

‘The Shawl’ by Cynthia Ozick

ZZ Packer

‘The Ant Of The Self’ by ZZ Packer

‘Brownies’ by ZZ Packer

‘Drinking Coffee Elsewhere’ by ZZ Packer

‘Our Lady Of Peace’ by ZZ Packer

Grace Paley

‘The Contest’ by Grace Paley

‘A Conversation With My Father’ by Grace Paley

‘Debts’ by Grace Paley

‘Gloomy Tune’ by Grace Paley

‘Goodbye And Good Luck’ by Grace Paley

‘Living’ by Grace Paley

‘The Loudest Voice’ by Grace Paley

‘Love’ by Grace Paley

‘Mother’ by Grace Paley

‘The Pink Pale Roast’ by Grace Paley

‘Somewhere Else’ by Grace Paley

‘This Is A Story About My Friend George, The Toy Inventor’ by Grace Paley

‘A Subject Of Childhood’ by Grace Paley

‘Wants’ by Grace Paley


‘The First Day Of Winter’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘Hollow’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘The Honored Dead’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘In The Dry’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘A Room Forever’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘Trilobites’ by Breece D’J Pancake

‘The Way It Has To Be’ by Breece D’J Pancake

Dorothy Parker

‘But The One On The Right’ by Dorothy Parker

‘I Live On Your Visits’ by Dorothy Parker

‘The Standard Of Living’ by Dorothy Parker

‘A Telephone Call’ by Dorothy Parker


‘The Vanishing American’ by Leslie Parry

‘The Threshold’ by Cristina Peri Rossi

‘Solo On The Drums’ by Ann Petry

‘The Knowers’ by Helen Phillips

‘The MYMan Solution’ by Helen Phillips

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘Happy’ by Jayne Anne Phillips

‘Home’ by Jayne Anne Phillips

‘Lechery’ by Jayne Anne Phillips


‘Meat’ by Virgilio Piñera

‘The Warmth Of Things’ by Nélida Piñón

Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Angel Of The Odd’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Black Cat’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Cask Of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Descent Into The Maelstrom’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Hop-Frog’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Ligeia’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Masque Of The Red Death’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Pit And The Pendulum’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Sphinx’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe


‘Leg’ by Stephen Polansky

‘He’ by Katherine Anne Porter

‘Theft’ by Katherine Anne Porter

‘Mrs. Charbury At Eltham’ by Max Porter

‘Summer 1976’ by Chris Power

J.F. Powers

‘The Green Banana’ by J.F. Powers

‘Death Of A Favorite’ by J.F. Powers

‘A Losing Game’ by J.F. Powers

‘The Valiant Woman’ by J.F. Powers


‘His Final Mother’ by Reynolds Price

V.S. Pritchett

‘The Camberwell Beauty’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘Debt Of Honor’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘The Fall’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘A Family Man’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘The Fly In The Ointment’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘The Marvellous Girl’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘The Rescue’ by V.S. Pritchett

‘The Wheelbarrow’ by V.S. Pritchett

Annie Proulx

‘Brokeback Mountain’ by Annie Proulx

‘The Half-Skinned Steer’ by Annie Proulx

‘Job History’ by Annie Proulx

‘The Mud Below’ by Annie Proulx

‘Them Old Cowboy Songs’ by Annie Proulx


‘Filial Sentiments Of A Parricide’ by Marcel Proust

‘About Jessie Mae’ by James Purdy

‘The Queen Of Spades’ by Alexander Pushkin

‘The Undertaker’ by Alexander Pushkin


‘The Dead Man’ by Horacio Quiroga

‘The Decapitated Chicken’ by Horacio Quiroga


‘Christmas Freud’ by David Rakoff

‘The Pelican’s Shadow’ by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

‘The Dark Lantern’ by Jules Renard

‘Thrift Store Coats’ by Brooks Rexroat

‘Twilight’ by Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont

‘Long Distances’ by Jewell Parker Rhodes

‘The Lotus’ by Jean Rhys

‘My Sister’s Marriage’ by Cynthia Marshall Rich

‘The Birds For Christmas’ by Mark Richard

‘Strays’ by Mark Richard

‘The Coming Of The King’ by Laura E. Richards

‘How Old Timofei Died With A Song’ by Rainer Maria Rilke

‘The Stranger’ by Rainer Maria Rilke

‘The Baby In Pink Tarlatan’ by Joaõ do Rio

‘The Absence Of Emily’ by Jack Ritchie

‘Officer Friendly’ by Lewis Robinson

‘Family Christmas’ by Roxana Robinson

Mary Robison

‘Coach’ by Mary Robison

‘I Get By’ by Mary Robison

‘May Queen’ by Mary Robison

‘Pretty Ice’ by Mary Robison

‘The Wellman Twins’ by Mary Robison

‘What I Hear’ by Mary Robison


‘Counting Breaths’ by Rosemarie Robotham

‘Jesse’ by Rosemarie Robotham

Sally Rooney

‘Color And Light’ by Sally Rooney

‘Mr. Salary’ by Sally Rooney

‘Unread Messages’ by Sally Rooney


‘Zelig’ by Benjamin Rosenblatt

‘The Contest For Aaron Gold’ by Philip Roth

‘Eli, The Fanatic’ by Philip Roth

‘Cat Person’ by Kristen Roupenian

‘Tell Them Not To Kill Me!’ by Juan Rulfo

‘Sense Of Humor’ by Damon Runyon

Karen Russell

‘Accident Brief’ by Karen Russell

‘Ava Wrestles The Alligator’ by Karen Russell

‘The Bog Girl’ by Karen Russell

‘Haunting Olivia’ by Karen Russell

‘Lady Yeti And The Palace Of Artificial Snows’ by Karen Russell

‘The Prospectors’ by Karen Russell

‘Reeling For The Empire’ by Karen Russell

‘St. Lucy’s Home For Girls Raised By Wolves’ by Karen Russell

‘ZZ’s Sleep-Away Camp For Disordered Dreamers’ by Karen Russell


‘Bertie’s Christmas Eve’ by Saki

‘The Feast Of Nemesis’ by Saki

‘The Hedgehog’ by Saki

‘The Interlopers’ by Saki

‘The Lumber-Room’ by Saki

‘The Open Window’ by Saki


‘American Express’ by James Salter

‘Last Night’ by James Salter

‘The Vertical Ladder’ by William Sansom

‘Resurrection Of A Life’ by William Saroyan

George Saunders

‘Adams’ by George Saunders

‘Al Roosten’ by George Saunders

‘The Barber’s Unhappiness’ by George Saunders

‘The End Of FIRPO In The World’ by George Saunders

‘Escape From Spiderhead’ by George Saunders

‘Exhortation’ by George Saunders

‘The Falls’ by George Saunders

‘Home’ by George Saunders

‘Jon’ by George Saunders

‘Lars Farf, Excessively Fearful Father And Husband’ by George Saunders

‘Love Letter’ by George Saunders

‘My Flamboyant Grandson’ by George Saunders

‘Pastoralia’ by George Saunders

‘Puppy’ by George Saunders

‘The Red Bow’ by George Saunders

‘Sea Oak’ by George Saunders

‘The Semplica Girl Diaries’ by George Saunders

‘Sticks’ by George Saunders

‘Tenth Of December’ by George Saunders

‘Victory Lap’ by George Saunders

‘Winky’ by George Saunders


‘XII’ by Nathalie Sarraute

‘Filling Up With Sugar’ by Yuten Sawanishi

Dorothy Sayers

‘An Arrow O’er The House’ by Dorothy Sayers

‘Dilemma’ by Dorothy Sayers

‘The Fascinating Problem Of Uncle Meleager’s Will’ by Dorothy Sayers

‘The Fountain Plays’ by Dorothy Sayers

‘The Man Who Knew How’ by Dorothy Sayers

‘Suspicion’ by Dorothy Sayers


‘What We Don’t Know Hurts Us’ by Mark Schorer

‘Reunion’ by Julie Schumacher

‘Birds In The Mouth’ by Samanta Schweblin

‘Dandelion’ by Lore Segal

‘Home For Christmas’ by Jeffrey Shaffer

‘Christmas For Sassafrass, Cypress And Indigo’ by Ntozake Shange

‘You Are Happy?’ by Akhil Sharma

‘Inventing Wampanoag, 1672’ by Ben Shattuck

Irwin Shaw

‘The Eighty-Yard Run’ by Irwin Shaw

‘Medal From Jerusalem’ by Irwin Shaw

‘Search Through The Streets Of The City’ by Irwin Shaw


‘Indianapolis (Highway 74)’ by Sam Shepard

‘La Moretta’ by Maggie Shipstead

‘The Fishing-Boat Picture’ by Alan Sillitoe

‘On Saturday Afternoon’ by Alan Sillitoe

Isaac Bashevis Singer

‘Cafeteria’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer

‘The Dead Fiddler’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer

‘Disguised’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer

‘Gimpel The Fool’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer

‘Her Son’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer


‘The Survivors’ by Elsie Singmaster

Curtis Sittenfeld

‘Bad Latch’ by Curtis Sittenfeld

‘Gender Studies’ by Curtis Sittenfeld

‘Show Don’t Tell’ by Curtis Sittenfeld


‘A Life In The Day Of A Writer’ by Tess Slesinger

‘White On Black’ by Tess Slesinger

‘The Confession’ by Leïla Slimani

‘Road’s End’ by Alexis Smith

Zadie Smith

‘The Embassy Of Cambodia’ by Zadie Smith

‘Escape From New York’ by Zadie Smith

‘The Lazy River’ by Zadie Smith

‘Meet The President!’ by Zadie Smith

‘Moonlit Landscape With Bridge’ by Zadie Smith

‘Permission To Enter’ by Zadie Smith

‘Two Men Arrive In A Village’ by Zadie Smith


‘The Face’ by Virginia Sorensen

‘Where Nothing Is Long Ago’ by Virginia Sorensen

‘Soldiers’ by Ellease Southerland

‘The House Of The Famous Poet’ by Muriel Spark

‘The Leaf-Sweeper’ by Muriel Spark

Elizabeth Spencer

‘Blackie’ by Elizabeth Spencer

‘Christmas Longings’ by Elizabeth Spencer

‘On The Hill’ by Elizabeth Spencer

Jean Stafford

‘Bad Characters’ by Jean Stafford

‘Beatrice Trueblood’s Story’ by Jean Stafford

‘Children Are Bored On Sunday’ by Jean Stafford

‘In The Zoo’ by Jean Stafford

‘The Interior Castle’ by Jean Stafford

‘The Mountain Day’ by Jean Stafford


‘How Beautiful With Shoes’ by Wilbur Daniel Steele

‘The Man Who Saw Through Heaven’ by Wilbur Daniel Steele

‘The View From The Balcony’ by Wallace Stegner

John Steinbeck

‘The Chrysanthemums’ by John Steinbeck

‘The Gift’ by John Steinbeck

‘The Great Mountains’ by John Steinbeck

‘The Leader Of The People’ by John Steinbeck

‘The Murder’ by John Steinbeck

‘The Promise’ by John Steinbeck


‘Leiningen Versus The Ants’ by Carl Stephenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

‘The Body Snatcher’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘A Lodging For The Night’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘Markheim’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘The Sire de Maletroit’s Door’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘The Yellow Paint’ by Robert Louis Stevenson


‘The Christmas Wreck’ by Frank Stockton

‘The Lady, Or The Tiger?’ by Frank Stockton

‘Christmas; Or, The Good Fairy’ by Harriet Beecher Stowe

‘Snow Blind’ by Elizabeth Strout

‘The Walk’ by Elizabeth Strout

Jesse Stuart

‘Dawn Of Remembered Spring’ by Jesse Stuart

‘The Moon Child Of Wolfe Creek’ by Jesse Stuart

‘Nest Egg’ by Jesse Stuart

‘Rain On Tanyard Hollow’ by Jesse Stuart

‘Walk In The Moon Shadows’ by Jesse Stuart

RabindraneTh Tagore

‘The Child’s Return’ by Rabindraneth Tagore

‘The Homecoming’ by Rabindraneth Tagore

‘The Postmaster’ by Rabindranath Tagore


‘No One’s A Mystery’ by Elizabeth Tallent

‘The Swimming Contest’ by Benjamin Tammuz

‘The Joy Luck Club’ by Amy Tan

‘Our Sleeping Lungs Opened To The Cold’ by Elizabeth Tan

‘Ambush’ by Donna Tartt

‘A Dedicated Man’ by Elizabeth Taylor

‘The Letter Writers’ by Elizabeth Taylor

‘A Talking Cure’ by Justin Taylor

Peter Taylor

‘The Gift Of The Prodigal’ by Peter Taylor

‘Porte-Cochere’ by Peter Taylor

‘Two Pilgrims’ by Peter Taylor

‘Uncles’ by Peter Taylor

‘Venus, Cupid, Folly And Time’ by Peter Taylor

‘The Walled Garden’ by Peter Taylor

Dylan Thomas

‘The Burning Baby’ by Dylan Thomas

‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales’ by Dylan Thomas

‘Extraordinary Little Cough’ by Dylan Thomas


‘The Iron City’ by Lovell Thompson

‘Iona Moon’ by Melanie Rae Thon

‘Donna’ by Michaella Thornton

James Thurber

‘The Catbird Seat’ by James Thurber

‘A Couple Of Hamburgers’ by James Thurber

‘The Day The Dam Broke’ by James Thurber

‘The Greatest Man In The World’ by James Thurber

‘The Night The Bed Fell’ by James Thurber

‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ by James Thurber

‘The Unicorn In The Garden’ by James Thurber

‘A Visit From Saint Nicholas (In The Ernest Hemingway Manner)’ by James Thurber

‘The Wood Duck’ by James Thurber

‘You Could Look It Up’ by James Thurber


‘Neighbors’ by Anthony Tognazzini

‘A Priest In The Family’ by Colm Tóibín

‘Aspic’ by Tatyana Tolstaya

‘On The Golden Porch’ by Tatyana Tolstaya

Leo Tolstoy

‘Alyosha The Pot’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘The Coffee-House Of Surat’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘God Sees The Truth, But Waits’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘The Gray Hare’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘How Much Land Does A Man Need?’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘Papa Panov’s Special Christmas’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘The Three Hermits’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘The Two Brothers And The Gold’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘Wisdom Of Children’ by Leo Tolstoy

‘Work, Death, And Sickness’ by Leo Tolstoy


‘Becky’ by Jean Toomer

‘Blood-Burning Moon’ by Jean Toomer

‘Esther’ by Jean Toomer

‘Fern’ by Jean Toomer


‘Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desire’ by Michael Tournier

‘The Landlord’ by Wells Tower

‘Penelope’ by Dalton Trevisan

William Trevor

‘Another Christmas’ by William Trevor

‘Attracta’ by William Trevor

‘Bravado’ by William Trevor

‘A Complicated Nature’ by William Trevor

‘A Day’ by William Trevor

‘Folie À Deux’ by William Trevor

‘A Meeting In Middle Age’ by William Trevor

‘Of The Cloth’ by William Trevor

‘The Woman Of The House’ by William Trevor


‘Of This Time, Of That Place’ by Lionel Trilling

‘The Nevada School Of Acting’ by Judy Troy

‘The Evolution Of Knowledge’ by Niccolo Tucci

Ivan Turgenev

‘The Country Doctor’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘Khor And Kalinich’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘Phantoms’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘Prince Hamlet Of Shchrigrovo’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘The Singers’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘The Tryst’ by Ivan Turgenev

‘Two Landowners’ by Ivan Turgenev

Mark Twain

‘The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County’ by Mark Twain

‘The Facts Concerning The Recent Carnival Of Crime In Connecticut’ by Mark Twain

‘How To Cure A Cold’ by Mark Twain

‘Hunting The Deceitful Turkey’ by Mark Twain

‘Is He Living Or Is He Dead?’ by Mark Twain

‘Niagara’ by Mark Twain

‘A Presidential Candidate’ by Mark Twain


‘I Arrive First’ by Emma Jane Unsworth

John Updike

‘A&P’ by John Updike

‘The Brown Chest’ by John Updike

‘Commercial’ by John Updike

‘Domestic Life In America’ by John Updike

‘The Egg Race’ by John Updike

‘The Family Meadow’ by John Updike

‘The Full Glass’ by John Updike

‘Friends From Philadelphia’ by John Updike

‘Gesturing’ by John Updike

‘Giving Blood’ by John Updike

‘Here Come The Maples’ by John Updike

‘Love Song, For A Moog Synthesizer’ by John Updike

‘The Lovely Troubled Daughters Of Our Old Crowd’ by John Updike

‘The Man Who Loved Extinct Mammals’ by John Updike

‘Minutes Of The Last Meeting’ by John Updike

‘Pigeon Feathers’ by John Updike

‘Playing With Dynamite’ by John Updike

‘Problems’ by John Updike

‘Pygmalion’ by John Updike

‘Separating’ by John Updike

‘Twin Beds In Rome’ by John Updike

‘When Everyone Was Pregnant’ by John Updike


‘The Five Wounds’ by Kirstin Valdez Quade

‘Nemecia’ by Kirstin Valdez Quade

‘I’m Your Horse In The Night’ by Luisa Valenzuela

‘Who, Me A Bum?’ by Luisa Valenzuela

‘Katania’ by Lara Vapnyar

‘The Challenge’ by Mario Vargas Llosa

Stephanie Vaughn

‘Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘The Battle Of Fallen Timbers’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘Dog Heaven’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘Kid MacArthur’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘Other Women’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘Snow Angel’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘Sweet Talk’ by Stephanie Vaughn

‘We’re On TV In The Universe’ by Stephanie Vaughn


‘Lorry Raja’ by Madhuri Vijay

‘You Are My Dear Friend’ by Madhuri Vijay

‘Can-Can’ by Arturo Vivante

‘Long Walk To Forever’ by Kurt Vonnegut

‘Welcome To The Monkey House’ by Kurt Vonnegut

David Foster Wallace

‘All That’ by David Foster Wallace

‘Good People’ by David Foster Wallace

‘Incarnations Of Burned Children’ by David Foster Wallace

Alice Walker

‘The Diary Of An African Nun’ by Alice Walker

‘Everyday Use’ by Alice Walker

‘To Hell With Dying’ by Alice Walker


‘From 100 Elvis Stories’ by Lisa Walker

‘Magnificent Desolation’ by Jess Walter

‘Omakase’ by Weike Wang

‘Cattle Haul’ by Jesmyn Ward

Robert Penn Warren

‘Blackberry Winter’ by Robert Penn Warren

‘Christmas Gift’ by Robert Penn Warren

‘Goodwood Comes Back’ by Robert Penn Warren

‘The Patented Gate And The Mean Hamburger’ by Robert Penn Warren

‘When The Light Gets Green’ by Robert Penn Warren


‘Visitor’ by Bryan Washington

‘Waugh’ by Bryan Washington

‘Aftermath’ by Mary Yukari Waters

‘Ghosts, Cowboys’ by Claire Vaye Watkins

‘The Last Thing We Need’ by Claire Vaye Watkins

‘By The Way Of Morning Fire’ by Michael Weaver

‘Good Man, Bad Man’ by Jerome Weidman

‘My Father Sits In The Dark’ by Jerome Weidman


‘The Crystal Egg’ by H.G. Wells

‘The Flowering Of The Strange Orchid’ by H.G. Wells

‘The Magic Shop’ by H.G. Wells

‘The Stolen Body’ by H.G. Wells


‘Polaroid’ by Sally Wells

Eudora Welty

‘A Curtain Of Green’ by Eudora Welty

‘Clytie’ by Eudora Welty

‘Death Of A Traveling Salesman’ by Eudora Welty

‘Keela, The Outcast Indian Maiden’ by Eudora Welty

‘Lily Daw And The Three Ladies’ by Eudora Welty

‘A Memory’ by Eudora Welty

‘No Place For You, My Love’ by Eudora Welty

‘Petrified Man’ by Eudora Welty

‘A Piece Of News’ by Eudora Welty

‘Where Is The Voice Coming From?’ by Eudora Welty

‘The Whole World Knows’ by Eudora Welty

‘Why I Live At The P.O.’ by Eudora Welty

‘The Wide Net’ by Eudora Welty

‘A Worn Path’ by Eudora Welty


‘The Richer, The Poorer’ by Dorothy West

Jessamyn West

‘The Battle Of The Suits’ by Jessamyn West

‘Homecoming’ by Jessamyn West

‘The Lesson’ by Jessamyn West

‘Love, Death, And The Ladies’ Drill Team’ by Jessamyn West

‘The Mysteries Of Life In An Orderly Manner’ by Jessamyn West

‘Probably Shakespeare’ by Jessamyn West

‘Tom Wolfe’s My Name’ by Jessamyn West

Edith Wharton

‘Afterward’ by Edith Wharton

‘April Showers’ by Edith Wharton

‘His Father’s Son’ by Edith Wharton

‘The Fullness Of Life’ by Edith Wharton

‘The Lady’s Maid’s Bell’ by Edith Wharton

‘The Other Two’ by Edith Wharton

‘The Pelican’ by Edith Wharton

‘Pomegranate Seed’ by Edith Wharton

‘Roman Fever’ by Edith Wharton


‘The Door’ by E.B. White

‘One Wicked Impulse!’ by Walt Whitman

‘Wild Frank’s Return’ by Walt Whitman

‘Herself In Love’ by Marianne Wiggins

Oscar Wilde

‘The Devoted Friend’ by Oscar Wilde

‘The Happy Prince’ by Oscar Wilde

‘The Nightingale And The Rose’ by Oscar Wilde

‘The Remarkable Rocket’ by Oscar Wilde

‘The Selfish Giant’ by Oscar Wilde


‘Fauntleroy’s Ghost’ by Vinnie Wilhelm

‘Son In The Afternoon’ by John A. Williams

‘Stuff’ by Joy Williams

‘Train’ by Joy Williams

‘Some Get Back’ by Robert J. Williams

‘The Angel In The Alcove’ by Tennessee Williams

‘Three Players Of A Summer Game’ by Tennessee Williams

‘The Use Of Force’ by William Carlos Williams

‘Heathen’ by Mike Wilson

‘Spirit Of Christmas’ by Jeanette Winterson

P.G. Wodehouse

‘Aunt Agatha Takes The Count’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Company For Gertrude’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Crime Wave At Blandings’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Go-Getter’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Honeysuckle Cottage’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Jeeves And The Impending Doom’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Jeeves And The Song Of Songs’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Jeeves And The Yule-Tide Spirit’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Leave It To Jeeves’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Lord Emsworth Acts For The Best’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Man Who Disliked Cats’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Man With Two Left Feet’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Mixer II: He Moves In Society’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘Pig-hoo-o-o-o-e-y’ by P.G. Wodehouse

‘The Pitcher And The Plutocrat’ by P.G. Wodehouse


‘The Old Halvorson Place’ by Larry Woiwode

‘Only The Dead Know Brooklyn’ by Thomas Wolfe

Tobias Wolff

‘Awaiting Orders’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Awake’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Bullet In The Brain’ by Tobias Wolff

‘In The Garden Of North American Martyrs’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Mortals’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Next Door’ by Tobias Wolff

‘The Night In Question’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Powder’ by Tobias Wolff

‘The Rich Brother’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Sanity’ by Tobias Wolff

‘Say Yes’ by Tobias Wolff


‘My Brother At The Canadian Border’ by Sholeh Wolpé

Virginia Woolf

‘The Duchess And The Jeweller’ by Virginia Woolf

‘A Haunted House’ by Virginia Woolf

‘Kew Gardens’ by Virginia Woolf

‘Lappin And Lapinova’ by Virginia Woolf


‘Big Boy Leaves Home’ by Richard Wright

‘Bright And Morning Star’ by Richard Wright

‘Grandmother’s Christmas Story’ by Faith Wynne


‘Storm In A Teacup’ by Lu Xun


‘Liars In Love’ by Richard Yates

‘Health Card’ by Frank Yerby

‘The Homecoming’ by Frank Yerby

‘The Baby-Sitter’ by Jane Yolen

‘Helix’ by Banana Yoshimoto

‘In A House Of Wooden Monkeys’ by Shay Youngblood

‘Fable’ by Charles Yu


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