‘A Talking Cure’ by Justin Taylor

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April 2018 favorites

April 2018

The April stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘Drown’ by Junot Díaz
  2. ‘Good Man, Bad Man’ by Jerome Weidman
  3. ‘Negocios’ by Junot Díaz
  4. ‘Shiloh’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  5. ‘Ysrael’ by Junot Díaz
  6. ‘Boyfriend’ by Junot Díaz
  7. ‘Aguantando’ by Junot Díaz
  8. ‘No Face’ by Junot Díaz
  9. ‘The Season Of Divorce’ by John Cheever
  10. ‘The Rookers’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  11. ‘Fiesta, 1980’ by Junot Díaz
  12. ‘Nancy Culpepper’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  13. ‘Concerning The Bodyguard’ by Donald Barthelme
  14. ‘Everybody Knows Tobie’ by Daniel Garza
  15. ‘In The Reign Of Harad IV’ by Steven Millhauser
  16. ‘Offerings’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  17. ‘Midair’ by Frank Conroy
  18. ‘Bumblebees’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  19. ‘The Burning Baby’ by Dylan Thomas

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December 2015 favorites


December 2015

The December stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘Christmas Morning’ by Frank O’Connor
  2. ‘Drawing Names’ by Bobbie Ann Mason
  3. ‘The Frozen Fields’ by Paul Bowles
  4. ‘Tenth Of December’ by George Saunders
  5. ‘Christmas’ by Vladimir Nabokov
  6. ‘The Birds For Christmas’ by Mark Richard
  7. ‘Every Little Hurricane’ by Sherman Alexie
  8. ‘An Old-Time Christmas’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  9. ‘Two Of A Kind’ by Sean O’Faolain
  10. ‘Christmas For Sassafrass, Cypress And Indigo’ by Ntozake Shange
  11. ‘Family Christmas’ by Roxana Robinson
  12. ‘A Visit From Saint Nicholas (In The Ernest Hemingway Manner)’ by James Thurber
  13. ‘Creche’ by Richard Ford
  14. ‘The Christmas Tree’ by Charles Dickens
  15. ‘A Kidnapped Santa Claus’ by L. Frank Baum
  16. ‘Xmas’ by Thomas M. Disch
  17. ‘Christmas Every Day’ by William Dean Howells
  18. ‘Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story’ by Paul Auster
  19. ‘Falalalalalalalala’ by Nikki Giovanni
  20. ‘Old Christmas’ by Stephen Merion