‘From 100 Elvis Stories’ by Lisa Walker

From 100 Elvis Stories by Lisa Walker, 1987

The magic trick:

Satire built on city planning

It starts as pure comedy. Loud satire. A town invented by different people with Elvis-related names hoping to create a new place in the image of their idol.

It gets a little bit more personal and serious near the end. But I won’t spoil any of that.

I just enjoy any kind of story that embraces city planning. It’s a great way to consider from a high level the absurdity of how we live.

And that’s quite a trick on Walker’s part.

The selection:

Rex Elvis Drexler founded Graceland City eight years ago. He conceived the idea the first and only time he met Elvis, and brought his dream to fruit some twenty years later. Rex had been down on his luck for some time when Elvis pulled over to the side of the road in Chattanooga. He invited Rex to take a ride in his gold-flecked Cadillac. Rex has worn holes in the bottoms of his shoes and was eager to jump inside. After hearing the story of how Rex lost his job, his wife, and his trailer, Elvis gave Rex a check for a thousand dollars and the keys to his blue Cadillac. Rex vowed then that he would find a way to pay tribute to the King.

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