‘The Nevada School Of Acting’ by Judy Troy

The Nevada School Of Acting by Judy Troy, 1985

The magic trick:

Showing the way internal adolescent insecurities always take priority over even real stressors

I love a good 80s story. This one delivers references to Dynasty and Bruce Springsteen. The interesting thing here is the way our adolescent narrator’s priorities are out of whack. Her father’s an alcoholic. Her brother’s fresh out of prison. But the thing that is making her most anxious is insecurity about not looking old enough to attract the boy she likes.

Very true to life.

And that’s quite a trick on Troy’s part.

The selection:

When the program is over, Irene and I go into the bathroom with her makeup kit.

“I’d like to try this mauve eye-shadow on you,” Irene says. “It will look great.”

“I don’t expect to look beautiful,” I tell her. “I just don’t want to stand out as being extra ugly.”

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