July 2018 favorites

July 2018

The July stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘So Peaceful In The Country’ by Carl Ruthven Offord
  2. ‘God Bless America’ by John Oliver Killens
  3. ‘Muttsy’ by Zora Neale Hurston
  4. ‘Sanctuary’ by Nella Larsen
  5. ‘Blood-Burning Moon’ by Jean Toomer
  6. ‘On Trains’ by James Alan McPherson
  7. ‘Landladies’ by Langston Hughes
  8. ‘Kiswana Browne’ by Gloria Naylor
  9. ‘Simple On Military Integration’ by Langston Hughes
  10. ‘Condemned House’ by Lucille Boehm
  11. ‘Simple Prays A Prayer’ by Langston Hughes
  12. ‘Feet Live Their Own Life’ by Langston Hughes
  13. ‘Steady Going Up’ by Maya Angelou
  14. ‘Exodus’ by James Baldwin
  15. ‘Mother’ by Andrea Lee
  16. ‘Long Distances’ by Jewell Parker Rhodes
  17. ‘Simple On Indian Blood’ by Langston Hughes
  18. ‘Conversation On The Corner’ by Langston Hughes
  19. ‘The Diary Of An African Nun’ by Alice Walker
  20. ‘Vacation’ by Langston Hughes

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