September 2021 favorites

September 2021

The September stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘The Singers’ by Ivan Turgenev
  2. ‘The House With The Mezzanine’ by Anton Chekhov
  3. ‘The Country Doctor’ by Ivan Turgenev
  4. ‘The Husband’ by Anton Chekhov
  5. ‘The Story Of A Horse’ by Isaac Babel
  6. ‘Dolgushov’s Death’ by Isaac Babel
  7. ‘Salt’ by Isaac Babel
  8. ‘How Much Land Does A Man Need?’ by Leo Tolstoy
  9. ‘The Queen Of Spades’ by Alexander Pushkin
  10. ‘A Dashing Fellow’ by Vladimir Nabokov
  11. ‘Khor And Kalinich’ by Ivan Turgenev
  12. ‘After The Battle’ by Isaac Babel
  13. ‘The Continuation Of The Story Of A Horse’ by Isaac Babel
  14. ‘Ivan And Ivan’ by Isaac Babel
  15. ‘Polinka’ by Anton Chekhov
  16. ‘Afonka Bida’ by Isaac Babel
  17. ‘Katania’ by Lara Vapnyar
  18. ‘Prince Hamlet Of Shchrigrovo’ by Ivan Turgenev
  19. ‘Two Landowners’ by Ivan Turgenev
  20. ‘The Destiny Of A Professor’s Wife’ by Daniil Kharms
  21. ‘On The Golden Porch’ by Tatyana Tolstaya
  22. ‘A Drama’ by Anton Chekhov
  23. ‘Little Whale, Varnisher Of Reality’ by Vasily Aksenov
  24. ‘Rapture’ by Anton Chekhov

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