December 2021 favorites

December 2021

The December stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘Meneseteung’ by Alice Munro
  2. ‘Another Christmas’ by William Trevor
  3. ‘Cold And Sunny’ by Maeve Brennan
  4. ‘Mr. Salary’ by Sally Rooney
  5. ‘Naga’ by R.K. Narayan
  6. ‘Even Pretty Eyes Commit Crimes’ by M.J. Hyland
  7. ‘You Are My Dear Friend’ by Madhuri Vijay
  8. ‘Rape Fantasies’ by Margaret Atwood
  9. ‘The Leaf-Sweeper’ by Muriel Spark
  10. ‘Midnight Mass’ by Machado de Assis
  11. ‘A Voyage To Cythera’ by Margaret Drabble
  12. ‘American Dreams’ by Peter Carey
  13. ‘Weekend’ by Shirley Hazzard
  14. ‘The Homecoming’ by Rabindraneth Tagore
  15. ‘Spirit Of Christmas’ by Jeanette Winterson
  16. ‘Our Sleeping Lungs Opened To The Cold’ by Elizabeth Tan
  17. ‘You Are Happy?’ by Akhil Sharma

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