August 2021 favorites

August 2021

The August stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘The Mad Lomasneys’ by Frank O’Connor
  2. ‘Bluebell Meadow’ by Benedict Kiely
  3. ‘Bravado’ by William Trevor
  4. ‘Upturned’ by Frank O’Connor
  5. ‘The Trout’ by Sean O’Faolain
  6. ‘News For The Church’ by Frank O’Connor
  7. ‘The Mouth Of The Cave’ by Edna O’Brien
  8. ‘The Day We Got Our Own Back’ by Maeve Brennan
  9. ‘Unread Messages’ by Sally Rooney
  10. ‘The Majesty Of The Law’ by Frank O’Connor
  11. ‘Lord Emsworth Acts For The Best’ by P.G. Wodehouse
  12. ‘The Sugawn Chair’ by Sean O’Faolain
  13. ‘Unholy Living And Half Dying’ by Sean O’Faolain
  14. ‘Color And Light’ by Sally Rooney
  15. ‘The Wine Breath’ by John McGahern
  16. ‘Everything In This Country Must’ by Colum McCann
  17. ‘A Dead Cert’ by Sean O’Faolain
  18. ‘The Poteen Maker’ by Michael McLaverty
  19. ‘Up The Bare Stairs’ by Sean O’Faolain
  20. ‘Who’s-Dead McCarthy’ by Kevin Barry
  21. ‘The Curfew’ by Roddy Doyle
  22. ‘Judas’ by Frank O’Connor
  23. ‘Legend For A Painting’ by Julia O’Faolain
  24. ‘On The Empty Shore’ by Seosamh Mac Grianna
  25. ‘(She Owns) Every Thing’ by Anne Enright

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