‘Snow Angel’ by Stephanie Vaughn

Vaughn, Stephanie 1990

Snow Angel by Stephanie Vaughn, 1990 Read the rest of this entry »


November 2017 favorites

November 2017

The November stories ordered solely on my personal tastes.

  1. ‘Offertory’ by Amy Hempel
  2. ‘A Summer Tragedy’ by Arna Bontemps
  3. ‘Who’s Passing For Who?’ by Langston Hughes
  4. ‘He Also Loved’ by Claude McKay
  5. ‘There Was Once’ by Margaret Atwood
  6. ‘The Cut-Glass Bowl’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  7. ‘The Cousins’ by Joyce Carol Oates
  8. ‘Until The Girl Died’ by Anne Enright
  9. ‘And/Or’ by Sterling Brown
  10. ‘Hunting The Deceitful Turkey’ by Mark Twain
  11. ‘The Jockey’ by Carson McCullers
  12. ‘Little Man’ by Michael Cunningham
  13. ‘Love Song, For A Moog Synthesizer’ by John Updike

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‘The Cut-Glass Bowl’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, F. Scott 1920f

The Cut-Glass Bowl by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920 Read the rest of this entry »

‘Who’s Passing For Who?’ by Langston Hughes

Hughes, Langston 1953

Who’s Passing For Who? by Langston Hughes, 1953 Read the rest of this entry »

‘And/Or’ by Sterling Brown

Brown, Sterling 1946

And/Or by Sterling Brown, 1946 Read the rest of this entry »

‘Hunting The Deceitful Turkey’ by Mark Twain

Twain, Mark 1906

Hunting The Deceitful Turkey by Mark Twain, 1906 Read the rest of this entry »

‘Little Man’ by Michael Cunningham

Cunningham, Michael 2015

Little Man by Michael Cunningham, 2015 Read the rest of this entry »